Our Story

Mastery and passion for crafting vodka steeped in the traditions of the European Vodka Belt

The Pursuit of a Perfect Balance

Libra Vodka® takes its name from the Libra Constellation, one of the oldest known constellations to humanity. It was acknowledged by the Babylonians and the Sumerians, but later included by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy among the first original constellation on his sky map.

In Latin, the name Libra means ‘Balance’ as in the scales which were held by the goddess of Justice. The Romans believed that the Moon was present in Libra when Rome was built, and they considered this constellation to be the symbol of good luck. They associated it with the natural balance of heaven – when the Sun enters Libra, the perfect balance between the daytime and nighttime was celebrated – The Autumnal Equinox.

We named our vodka after the Libra constellation to emphasize its perfectly balanced character and crisp and clear flavour profile, so much sought by true vodka connoisseurs.

The Vodka Belt is a group of countries in Northern Europe where vodka is claimed to be invented. Despite almost every country in the region claiming its primacy, the origins of vodka remain deeply hidden in history. However, there is no doubt that the Vodka Belt countries had been known for their high-quality vodka craft and accounted for a great deal of the best vodka produced in the world.

We produce Libra Vodka® in Latvia, the Baltics – a country which is long-known for its traditions of craftsmanship in strong spirits. This is where select wheat grain spirit is married with the purest water from deep artesian wells before a multiple-stage filtration does the final magic and brings the perfected vodka to the world. Latvia, one of the greenest countries in the world, is known for its passion to preserve its natural riches, while Latvians are world-famous for their innovative spirit. We take the best from it to combine the passion for quality and novel approaches to crafting our unique tipple.

Born in the European Vodka Belt